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Each week we prepare traditional New Orleans style beignets and chicory coffee. 


From time to time we will create not so traditional versions to tantilize your taste buds. Check in with us on Facebook to find out what those specials are!

Traditional Beignets  . . . $4.00

    From Scratch using local Eggs, Flour and wild flower honey.  Cooked as you wait and served with a heavy       dusting of powdered sugar.


Chicory Coffee    8oz  . . .$2.00

    Our own Two Trees Blend of 100% Arabaca Coffee and Nebraska-grown small batch roasted chicory


Two Trees Cup Deposit   11oz  . . . $5.00  (refundable)

    In and effort to reduce waste at the market, please consider using one of our Two Trees signature mugs.       Just like milk bottle deposits,  you can borrow our  mug to drink your Chicory Coffee.  Once you have                 finished, just return it to our stand and we'll refund your deposit.  

Doughnuts . . . $2.50

    In a rush?  We will have on hand a variety of doughnuts to choose from.  Just order and go. 

Stuffed Beignets . . . $7.00-$8.00

    Our signature beignets,  only bigger and stuffed with delicious meats and/or sweets to our liking.  These change        from week to week,  so keep in touch so you know what's being served.



New This Season 

For our fifth year at the market we're excited to introduce a few new items to our menu.  These items are geared specifically to those with the obligatory sweet tooth.

Two Trees Beignet Mix . . . $8.00 bag/ $10.00 jar

    Need a beignet fix while the market isn't open?  Whip some up at home with our market mix.  Comes with nearly        all you need to make beignets at home. 

Vanilla Chai Mix . . . $2.50 / $10.00 take home

    Introduced during the 2017 Winter Market,  we're bringing this mix on full time.  Add it with your chicory coffee to      make a Dirty Chai or take some home in a reusable flip top jar.  

Hot Cocoa Mix . . . $2.50 / $10.00 take home

    Also introduce during the 2017 winter market, we're bringing this mix on full time. using only premium cocoa, we      can add it with our chicory coffee  to make you a mocha or take some home in a reusable flip top jar.


Take Home Products

Our Online Store --coming soon

Two Trees Blend Chicory Coffee  8oz  . . . $8.00

    Our own blend of coffee and chicory for you to take home and enjoy all week long.


Just Chicory   8oz  . . . $8.00

    As it's name implies,  this bag is filled with just ground, roasted chicory.  brew by itself for a caffeine free alternative     to coffee or add to your coffee to make your own special blend.


Two Trees Signature Mug  . . . $10.00

    Take home your very own mug made especially for use at the Boise Farmers Market.  Each mug purchase includes     one cup of chicory coffee.  We have 4 cups available. Each depicting a different season.  Take home one or all.  

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